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You want your calendars to find a home all over the world? We offer you promotional calendars in a unique variety of languages!

My 3-Month-Calendar: terminic.

We have already been the Number 1 since 1937 – that is when we invented the 3-month-calendar. 80 years ago, it was a world innovation and today, no one can imagine an office without such a calendar. A monthly calendar with multiple months at a glance, which combines two benefits: It is practical while facilitating the daily work of your customers serving as a planning instrument, and it is especially effective as a promotional vehicle – owing to the fact that everyone uses a calendar several times a day and that your company advertising is always in view. However, not every calendar is the same. We here at terminic place a special emphasis on the outstanding manufacturing quality and personalized features: All our 3-month-calendars have a fine perforated line for an easy and clean separation of the individual sheets of the calendar. Furthermore, the monthly calendars are equipped with a sheet holder incorporated into the backing for an optimum plane position of the calendar sheets. A high-quality metal eyelet or an exclusive cord suspension guarantee that our monthly calendar is always suspended in a stable manner. Our trademark, the red day marker on the „terminic weekmaster©” – the supporting foil, which is exactly color-matched to the background color of the calendar table – make our promotional calendars into real eye-catchers.

terminic Tagesfenster weekmaster
Kalenderproduktion terminic Detail
Quality is timeless. If it originates from the inventor of the 3-month-calendar.

Much has happened in the last 80 years since the development of the world’s first calendar with 3 months at a glance. Our range of calendars for example comprises of more than 30 different models today. We offer monthly calendars, desktop calendars and poster calendars in a unique variety of languages, and we mail them to your customers, branches and business partners in all countries of the world. However, one thing stayed the same: Back then as well as today, we place the highest demands on us and our products because quality is timeless. Hence, we provide you with first-class 3-month-calendars produced according to certified quality standards. We always print our calendars with 100 lines/cm screens from the Euroscale as a standard in order to guarantee you the best quality promotional calendars at all times.

Sustainable? Of course!

Calendars at any price? Yes, in principle: Calendars are our competency. That does not mean that we are losing sight of the environment. It is unavoidable that global earth warming enhancing CO2 is generated when we print our 3-month-calendars as well as all our other terminic monthly calendars, desk calendars and poster calendars. As we not only love our calendars but also our environment, we exclusively use FSC® certified paper and carton from a sustainable forest management and print with colors which do not contain any mineral oil. Furthermore, you can also order calendars from a climate-neutral production. We achieve this by balancing the emissions resulting from the production of your monthly calendars with the purchase of certificates from various climate protection projects – this in fact covers 100% of the production. For instance, you can promote various projects in Europe or Africa with your climate-neutral 3-month calendars.

Druckabnahme Kalender terminic


in 80 days around the world? Goes much faster with us! Ask our logistics experts for the best shipment solution for your promotional calendars.

The original among the promotional calendars

The 3-month-calendar is the classic calendar — and has been for 80 years. In 1937, we developed the first 3-month-calendar in the world with a large promotional area and we launched it. Since then, we have continued to develop said calendar further with many ideas and pioneering innovations to serve as a perfect company calendar or as a promotional gift. Our range of calendars nowadays comprises not only 3-month-calendars but also monthly calendars with 4 months, 5 months, 6 months or even 7 months at a glance. In addition, we produce poster calendars and several desktop calendar models with eye-catching promotional possibilities, leaving a lot of space for your company logo in the corporate design.

The 3-month-calendar

3-month-calendars allow you to have the current month, but also the previous and the following months in view. Your customers and business partners can now plan their work in a clear and professional manner. Furthermore, these monthly calendars offer you large areas for promotion on the cover picture as well as between the lines. It is the ideal companion with your company logo and in your company’s colors and design. 365 days a year!


The 3-month-calendar super 1 is our original. The „parent of all our 3-month-calendars“ with three separate calendar blocks offers you an especially large promotional area with its extra-large cover picture, completely printable backing and wide advertising bars. In addition, the luxury version super 2 with a high-quality display finish has a headboard printed on clear white carton, which is covered with a glazing sheet before it is laminated around strong corrugated cardboard. Now, the company calendar does not only look good but will also last the whole year. The promotional calendar model super 101 is a little less compact but no less effective as a promotional item.


If you would rather have a monthly calendar with only one calendar block, you can choose between the terminic 3-month-calendar planer with a spacious cover and the models dispo and data, which are slightly smaller. In your corporate design and with your logo, perfect for a promotional vehicle!

Sustainable production

No matter which choice of calendar model you decide to go with, whether a monthly calendar with one block or with multiple blocks, you can be sure that we produce your 3-month-calendars with expert care and in a high quality – then as today. Terminic is certified according to the ISO 12647 Process Standard for Offset Printing for the especially demanding board printing and for the production, we exclusively use FSC® certified papers and cardboard from sustainable forestry. The calendar producer further contributes to the protection of the environment by offering the choice of a climate-neutral calendar production.
What does distinguish terminic monthly calendars and makes them unique? terminic monthly calendars can be delivered in a multitude of languages and colors for the calendar tables: Our 3-month-calendars super 1 and super 2 for example are available in over 30 languages and language pairs as a standard (same as also the 4-month calendars super 1 quadro and super 2 quadro). Promotional calendars from terminic – for your subsidiaries and customers all over the world.