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You want your calendars to find a home all over the world? We offer you promotional calendars in a unique variety of languages!

My 6-month-calendar: terminic.

Our terminic 6-month-calendars provide you – and your customers and business partners – with half a year at a glance. Thus, you do not only have an overview over the appointments of the current months, but you also have the appointments of the past month and the four future months at your ready disposal. This spacious planning and appointment preview is only one of the reasons why the wall calendars with 6 months at a glance have risen in the ranks and have progressed to become a best-seller among the terminic multiple-month-calendars. In addition, they have an unbeatable promotional effect: Your Company advertising will for sure attract the attention it deserves on our 6-month-calendars – 365 days a year, always in the focus of your target group. In order to ensure the terminic promotional calendars leave a lasting and totally first-class impression, they score with exclusive features: The fine perforated line e.g. facilitates the easy and clean separation of the individual sheets of the calendar table. The calendar blocks have an optimal plane position due to the sheet holder incorporated into the backing. A high-quality metal eyelet respectively a luxurious cord suspension guarantee an especially stable suspension; and the day marker on the terminic weekmaster© carrier foil can be color-coordinated to the background of the calendar table.

Kalenderproduktion terminic
Kalenderproduktion terminic
Not every calendar is the same. The quality makes the difference.

Already in 1937, we were the No. 1. As the inventor of the 3-month-calendar, we know exactly: It is not enough if your promotional calendars are great – they have to be first-class. That is why the design, print and further processing of our 6-month-calendars – as well as of all our other wall calendars with multiple months at a glance, desk calendars and poster calendars – reflect that we are committed to top quality. As the first producer of only calendars, we are certified according to the ISO 12647 Process Standard for Offset Printing and we print with 100 lines/cm screens from the Euroscale as a standard. This is how we can provide you with the best color quality and brilliant printed results at all times. Naturally, our selection of materials and our production processes also meet the highest quality standards.

Green, greener, terminic.

However, we are in the opinion: There is more to 1A quality. That is why we here at terminic give our best every day in order to protect and conserve the environment. Already for years, we – again as the first producer of only calendars – have been exclusively using FSC® certified paper and cardboard from a sustainable forestry and we print with mineral-oil-free print colors. Our company building and production plant newly erected in 2008 was strictly built under consideration of energetic measures. In spite of all these measures, it is impossible for us as calendar producers to avoid emissions harmful to the environment completely. Nevertheless, we can save somewhere else! In the scope of the climate-neutral calendar production, for which we have already been certified for years, we can balance 100% of the CO2 generated in the production of your calendars by purchasing certificates from different climate protection projects. Consequently, you do not only receive your personalized promotional calendar from us, but you can also contribute to the protection of our environment!

Kalenderproduktion terminic


in 80 days around the world? Goes much faster with us! Ask our logistics experts for the best shipment solution for your promotional calendars.

The wall calendar with a maximum of space for planning and advertising

Our terminic 6-month-calendars provide your customers with the maximum planning period – half a year at a glance! The large-size multiple-month-calendars allow you a great advertising presence with a lasting impression with your customers and partners, an ideal advertising vehicle in the corporate design.

The 6-month-calendar

The 6-month-calendar is available in two select versions: The high-quality super 1 magnum and the luxury version super 2 magnum – no matter which of the two you select, you will receive a first-class company calendar with your company logo as promotional gift or company calendar. Naturally, all versions of the promotional calendar with 6 months at a glance are produced with special care and in the highest artisanship quality. In addition, everything is performed in an environment-conscious manner: Same as all other promotional calendars, the 6-month-calendars are also printed on FSC® certified paper and cardboard from an ecological forestry with mineral-oil-free print colors and on request climate-neutral. Naturally, even our largest calendars, the 6-month-calendars, can be packed in the B4-size, which is favorable in the postage charge: As a result, your company calendars in the company design do not only arrive safely but also at a favorable price.


The 6-month-calendar super 1 magnum with advertising print features six individual calendar blocks which do not only display the current month but also the past month and the four future months. The advertising effect is as large-sized as the wall calendar itself: The completely printable backing, the spacious calendar head as well as five bars between the calendar sheets and a bar at the bottom guarantee the maximum of advertising space on these multiple-month-calendars with 6 months. With these calendars, your company colors with company logo really set the stage as a promotional gift and a promotional vehicle.
Only the refined calendar version super 2 magnum is more exclusive: On principle, same as with the wall calendar super 1 magnum, the cover of this luxury version in display finish is also laminated with glossy foil. This way, your promotional area and your company design will look their best.

Calendar competence

In 1937 we designed the world´s first 3-month-calendar. Today, this calendar classic is at home in the offices all over the world where it helps with the daily planning and organisation of dates and meetings. No wonder that we were not done with that one model: over the last decades we have invented many new calendar versions here at terminic. Besides the popular 6-month-calendars our portfolio contains various more wall calendars with three to even eight months in the overview. Diverse desk calendars and poster calendars complete our colorful portfolio of promotional calendars.