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4-Month-Calendar super 1 Quadro

Your favourite – The Best-Seller among all terminic Promotional Calendars

Sample-Badge 4-Month-Calendar super 1 Quadro Example
Sample-Badge 4-Month-Calendar super 1 Quadro Example

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4-Month-Calendar super 1 Quadro



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4-Month-Calendar super 1 Quadro – the bestseller with a unique variety of languages

The terminic 4-month-calendar Super 1 Quadro provides you with a lot of space for your advertising on the extra-large cover, the continuously printable backing and the advertising bars. On the other hand, it gives the recipients of your promotional calendars a large planning period at a glance: 4 months in the overview match the need for even longer date previews and planning security. Therefore, it is no wonder that instead of the 3-month-calendar the high-quality wall planner Super 1 Quadro has turned out to be our best-selling calendar model. The biggest advantage of this 4-month-calendar is its unique language variety. It is available in over 30 language combinations as a standard, in addition you can combine up to 5 different base colours for the datepad. Thus the Super 1 Quadro offers you the opportunity to serve your target group all over the world, without the occurence of extra costs for extravagant language or public holiday combinations.

Dimensions & Weights:

Total size: 345 x 1002 mm
Calendar block each: 320 x 167 mm
Folded ready for dispatch: 345 x 220 mm
Individual weight: approx. 350 g
With box of corrugated cardboard: approx. 450 g

Packing (optional):

Box of corrugated cardboard B4: 353 x 250 x 12 mm

Postal tariff:

Favorable postage charge for the B4 format