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3-Month-Calendar dispo

Small but nice – The 3-month-calendar for limited space with a great promotional effect

Sample-Badge 3-Month-Calendar dispo Example
Sample-Badge 3-Month-Calendar dispo Example

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3-Month-Calendar dispo



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3-Month-Calendar dispo – One-block calendar with large advertising space

The one-block-calendar dispo presents itself a little more compact than the calendar models planner and planner with margin do, however it also provides you much space for your advertising with an extra-large cover and a wide bar at the bottom. It is just as good as the larger calendar models are due to its high-quality finish according to certified quality and sustainability standards (like PSO, PSO active and FSC®). This model is mounted by a hole punching, printed in Euroscale with a 100 screen (like that we achieve highest colour quality) and the stable, high-quality date marker on a transparent carrier foil is completely mounted when you receive your 3-month-calendars. As an optional service we offer you to produce your dispo calendars climate-neutral and to furnish them with single packagings – of course postage-optimised and in special print with your corporate colours and your company logo.

Dimensions & Weights:

Total size: 285 x 550 mm
Calendar block each: 285 x 346 mm
Folded ready for dispatch: 285 x 215 mm
Individual weight: approx. 155 g
With cardboard pouch: approx. 225 g

Packing (optional):

Cardboard Pouch: 353 x 250 x 8 mm

Postal tariff:

Favorable postage charge for the B4 format