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Overview languages and basecolours for the datepad of your promotional calendars

PDF datepads & base colours monthly calendars Super

PDF datepads & base colours monthly calendars planer, dispo & data

Our multiple-month calendars are available in a wide diversity of datepads. In the PDF, which you can find here, we have assembled all combinations of languages and public holidays for the datepads, which we can provide in the standard version of our promotional calendars Super, Planer, dispo and data. The overview also depicts which combinations of datepads and base colours are possible in the standard version. If you wish a completely individual combination of languages and colours, we can fulfill this request with our tailor-made calendars. With these calendars, we can adapt the wall calendar completely to your corporate design.

The datepad as the centerpiece of a wall calendar

People often underestimate the importance of the datepads for the practical use and the overall high-quality appearance of a calendar. On the one hand, the creative aspects, such as the typography, size, colouring and arrangement of digits and letters on the datepads are decisive factors. For the letters on the datepads should always be easy to read from everywhere, even from a larger distance. Therefore, our monthly calendars are daily companions and indispensable planning aids at the office and in everyday life for you, your subsidiaries, customers and business partners. And that already since 1937 when we developed and launched the worldwide first 3-month-calendar!

As one of the leading calendar producers, we are not only calendar experts, but also when it comes down to the datepads – we above all are cultural scientists. A good datepad requires a lot of research, editorial precision and in addition cultural background knowledge since many country-specific details are associated with the calendar. Although the ISO recommends starting the sequence of weekdays with the Monday and most of the calendars are designed accordingly in the majority of the European countries, the week traditionally starts on Sundays according to the Jewish, Christian and Islamic tradition. Therefore, the Sunday still is the first day of the week in countries such as the USA or the United Arab emirates. In Thailand, abbreviating the complete, official name of the king is already considered a majesty offense and is punished with up to 15 years in prison. Consequently, all public holidays in the Thai datepads, which include the name of the king, must be spelled out in full length.

We here at terminic know of this and of numerous other special features around datepads. That is why we can offer you high-quality promotional calendars in a unique variety of languages, for all countries of the world.

terminic Tagesfenster blau
terminic Tagesfenster weekmaster
Datepads in an unsurpassed variety of languages

You need high-quality promotional calendars with your own logo as promotional vehicle for your international customers, business partners and subsidiaries. You can get the datepads of our wall calendars in an unsurpassed variety of languages. Apart from our bestselling datepads, such as German/in 3 languages or European/in 6 languages, you can choose the datepad from a unique variety, which is perfect for your monthly calendar without incurring any additional costs as a result thereof!

With our multiple-month-calendars Super, over 35 languages and language combinations are at your disposal as a standard. Beside the top-selling datepads, you can for example also get the 3-month-calendars Super 1 and Super 2 as well as the 4-month-calendars Super 1 Quadro and Super 2 Quadro with the datepads popular around the world, such as International/in 4 languages, English-Universal and Eurasia/in 10 languages. Datepads for special requirements are e.g. Thailand, Cyrillic/English or English-Arabic with Arabian weekly schedule lines and Ramadan. With datepads from terminic, you receive calendars for your customers around the world!


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