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in 80 days around the world? Goes much faster with us! Ask our logistics experts for the best shipment solution for your promotional calendars.

My 5-month-calendar: terminic.

Five months at a glance, plus an especially large promotional area with your company logo and your company colors in the corporate design – 365 days a year. Same as all our calendars with multiple months at a glance, the 5-month-calendar is also a helpful planning instrument, a high-quality advertising print and an effective advertising vehicle, all in one.
Promotional calendars can not only be “experienced” visually but also haptically and thus always engage multiple senses at the same time. It is not surprising that our top priority is the finish and processing of our monthly calendars in an outstanding quality. Our 5-month-calendars are all equipped with a fine line perforation, which guarantees an easy and clean separation of the individual sheets of the calendar table. Furthermore, they all have a high-quality date slide on a carrier foil, which is color-coordinated with the background color of the calendar table – the „terminic weekmaster©“. Furthermore, the monthly calendars with multiple months at a glance have the following further exclusive details: Sheet holder incorporated into the backing and suspension with a metal eyelet or a cord suspension. This way, the calendars are not only aligned flush with the walls, but are also suspended in a stable way, wherever you are around the world.

Kalenderproduktion terminic
Werbekalender terminic PSO
Our Quality: Timeless and certified.

Much has happened in the 80 years since the development of the worldwide first calendar with 3 months at a glance: Today, our range of calendars includes over 30 different models – monthly calendars, desk calendars and poster calendars in a unique variety of languages. Moreover, we dispatch these calendars for you to your customers, subsidiaries and business partners in all countries of the world. However, one thing has remained the same: Back then as well as today, we make great demands on our products and ourselves since quality is timeless. From us, you receive first-class 3-month-calendars produced in accordance with certified printing and quality standards. As a standard, we print with 100 lines/cm screens from the Euroscale in order to be able to guarantee you the best possible quality. We are certified pursuant to the ISO 12647 Process Standard for Offset Printing for the especially difficult cardboard printing. It is understood that our production processes and the materials used in the calendar production also meet the highest quality and sustainability standards.

Of course sustainable!

As inventors of the monthly calendars with multiple months at a glance, we demonstrate: Sustainable production is possible! For the terminic monthly calendars with 3, 4, 6 and 7 months at a glance, we have already been exclusively using paper and cardboard with FSC® certificate originating from a sustainable forestry and mineral oil-free printing colors for years.
We can do even more for the environment: Support us on our path to more environmental protection and let your promotional calendars be produced using climate-neutral processes. We have successfully completed the required certification process and can now determine the special„CO2 footprint” for each calendar order and then, we can balance 100% of the emission of greenhouse gases generated during the production of your monthly calendars, desktop calendars or poster calendars by buying certificates from different climate protection projects.

Kalenderproduktion terminic


Analogous highlights in digital form! Download the first 3-month calendar app and use the calendar classic on your smartphone. If you have any questions, please contact us at app@terminic.eu.

The monthly calendar as previewing planning instrument and convincing advertising vehicle

The 5-month-calendar is one of the terminic promotional calendars, which become more and more popular. Same as the 4-month-calendar, it also perfectly adapts to the changed requirements of today’s time for even more planning security and preview of appointments.

The 5-month-calendar

You can receive the 5-month-calendars in various versions – so you can choose the appropriate calendar suiting your requirements, company colors and wishes: As a single-block-calendar with five months on a block and promotional areas on the cover and the bar at the bottom of the calendar. Alternatively, as a high-quality multiple-block-calendar with five individual calendar blocks on a completely printable backing of the promotional calendar. As a result, the monthly calendar provides even more space for your advertising on the calendar head, the bars between the individual sheets and the bar at the bottom of the calendar giving full effect to your company logo and your corporate design. The ideal promotional gift or company calendar.
All versions of the promotional calendar with 5 months at a glance will be produced in a certified quality applying the best artisanship under consideration of sustainable production methods. Not to forget that all terminic 5-month-calendars can be packed in a way to achieve the most favorable shipment rates in order to ensure that your company calendars in the company design not only arrive safely, but also at a favorable price.


Our most successful calendar model, the super 1 quadro, is of course also available as a 5-month-calendar. The super 1 cinco with 5 separate calendar blocks displays an overview with the current month, the previous month as well as the 3 following months – Thus, your customers and business partners benefit from an extra-large planning period. On the large-size cover of the monthly calendar and the completely printable backing with five promotional bars, your advertising and your corporate design will be displayed to a particular good effect. Like all the other „super“-calendar models, the 5-month-calendar super 1 cinco is also available in many different languages.

Equipment details

At terminic, we love what we do. Therefore, we have specialised in the production of sustainable and high-class promotional calendars with multiple-month-overview many years ago. As always, it is about the details, because a calendar is not just a calendar. Stable metal-eyelet or cord hanger, colours of the weekmaster and date cursor perfectly coordinated with the background colour of the datepad as well as sheet holders incorporated into the backing and fine perforation lines are only a few of the exclusive equipment details that our terminic promotional calendars feature as standard.