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Used daily, always in view and always in focus

terminic Tischkalender Zeltkalender Focus Muster Leuchtturm aussen
Tischkalender mit Logo - Der Zeltkalender Focus von terminic im bunten Mandala Design in der 3-Monatsansicht

TENT CALENDAR FOCUS: 3 month view with Wire-O binding

Our tent calendar Focus focusses your company: It provides prominent promotional possibilities on the flip and rear sides, on the backing of each sheet of the calendar table and on an ever-present promotional bar underneath the current calendar table. The positioner of stable 500g/m2 cardboard can be individually printed all-over. Your customers and business partners will benefit from its compact 3-month-overview, which provides a clear and handy planning basis for every day.

Dimensions & Weights:
Total size: 220 x 120 mm
Size of the datepad: 220 x 100 mm
Promotional areas:
Cover: 220 x 120 mm
Promotional bar: 220 x 20 mm
Individual weight: approx. 146 g
with slipcase of corrugated cardboard: approx. 189 g

Scope: 28 pages
One cover page two-sided, can be individually printed
Twelve sheets front page calendar table, each with 3 months with integrated promotional area 220 x 20 mm
The backing of the calendar table is individually printable all-over
Calendar table: German with holidays, white/light-gray (Sundays and holidays in red or blue)
Calendar tables on brilliant white special carton 300g/m2

Content (optional): Yearly overview, school holidays, fairs and expositions DE, international holidays, international dial codes, time zones
Wire-O-binding (either white, black or silver)
On request with individual packing (case of corrugated cardboard)


Analogous highlights in digital form! Download the first 3-month calendar app and use the calendar classic on your smartphone. If you have any questions, please contact us at app@terminic.eu.